Hi, I'm Rachel.

I am a WordPress developer with a passion for building a friendly, accessible web. I'm a firm believer in the importance of mobile-first and responsive web design. I love knitting, running, and blogging, but I probably haven't seen the movie you're talking about! I run a hand-dyed yarn business called Arbor Twist in my free time.

Some of My Work

Customized WordPress Plugins

These plugins were written for CAEN's Web Publishing Service and are not in the Wordpress.org plugin repository.

Usage Reports

This plugin queries the database behind CAEN's multisite network (over 150 sites) to display information about usage on the network admin dashboard, including but not limited to:

  • Active plugins per site.
  • Contact info (from a theme customization option) for each site.
  • Number of media attachments and space used for each site.
  • A breakdown of the page templates used on each site.
  • The number and status of posts on each site.
  • The currently active theme of each site.
  • A list of users for each site with each admin user starred and admin email listed.


This plugin leverages Custom Post Types, the Shortcode API, and the CMB2 library to create a Profile type, simplifying the addition of people to listings within the College of Engineering WordPress network. In addition to the single profile view, it allows both a list and a grid view of groups of profiles, is filterable by type, tag, and ID, and is sortable by name.

Hide Custom Fields

Hide Custom Fields is a plugin that uses Javascript with JQuery to hide unused custom fields on the "edit page" screen in the dashboard, based on the currently-selected page template.

WordPress Themes

I love to take mocked up designs and turn them into fully-featured, responsive WordPress themes. Following is a selection of the work I have done in this both professionally and personally.


    I built this responsive theme to be used by College of Engineering entities with ties to other schools. The goal was to deviate slightly from the main CoE brand to show that these users are not solely tied to the College of Engineering. This was accomplished using mockups for another department and modifying them to fit the needs of this service. Click here to view the theme in use.



    I was contracted to build this responsive WordPress theme from PDF mockups created by a designer. I also installed and configured the appropriate plugins to fit their needs. Click here to view the theme in use.



    I built this fully-responsive blog theme using starter theme Underscores as a base for much of the functionality. I added customization options for color schemes and a sidebar image using the Customizer API. Click here to view the theme in use.


Other Projects

Sock Recipe Generator with AngularJS, Bonus Content with WP REST API

Sock recipe measurement input form

I am an obsessed sock knitter and I built a simple application to generate a sock pattern for any knitting gauge and any size foot. I used AngularJS for the functionality and Bootstrap for the layout. It also uses the WP REST API to pull posts categorized under "Crafting" from my personal blog and display them at the foot of the app. Check it out at this link.

Sock recipe sample generated

Logo Designs

Graham Remodel Logo

This logo was requested by Graham Modernization and Construction, LLC for use as a letterhead and on the company website that I was also designing and building at the time.

Parameter 17 Logo

This logo was part of a design challenge I completed. I used a random phrase generator to generate fictitious company names, for which I then designed branding. Parameter 17 is an independent production studio.

Textual Time

This logo was part of a design challenge I completed. I used a random phrase generator to generate fictitious company names, for which I then designed branding. For Textual Time, the private tutoring service, "any time is learning time."

Get In Touch

Feel free to email me at leggett.rachel@gmail.com, or find me at one of the links above!